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If your company needs a custom size pallet, Industrial Pallet provides design services and creates many different sizes from recycled stock which saves many of our customers the expense of new pallets.

Helpful Info - Industrial Pallet

Club or Premium A grade

These pallets are our highest grade recycled pallet and are used in large wholesale club operations. These pallets do not have any plated stringer repairs, painted or colored stringers and all of these pallets have 6" leading edge boards. No softwood lumber is used in these pallets.

Standard A grade or Number 1

These pallets have generally been repaired more often than either our Club or Premium A grades and may have 4" and/or 6" leading edge boards. 

None of our A grade pallets contain double or sister stringer repairs.

Stringer B grade

These pallets contain only 1 double or block stringer repair per pallet.

C grade or Number 3

These pallets contain 1 or more double or block stringer repairs per pallet. These pallets are our most economical grocery or GMA pallet

- Common Sizes Available

  • 42 x 42 Pallets
  • 36 x 36 Pallets
  • 56 x 44 Pallets
  • 44 x 56 Pallets
  • 48 x 42 Pallets

Industrial Pallet is very competetively priced when orders are placed for trailer load quantities. A trailer can be left at your facility for your convenience so used pallets can be picked up on a drop and hook basis for customers with a regular frequency of ordering.

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