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Industrial Pallet was founded in 1991. Randy Therrien, one of the founders, continues to run the company today serving more than 180 customers throughout southern and central New England and eastern New York State. Joe O’Brien joined the company in early 1998. 

Sixty-Five employees sort, build, pickup and deliver more than 2 million recycled wood pallets annually. Industrial Pallet provides a wide variety of sizes and styles with 48” x 40” 4way pallets being the mainstay of the business. Custom size pallets created from recycled stock is a growing and large segment of the business. On-site Heat Treating is provided for customers with need to ship to anywhere in the world.

Industrial Pallet has more than 200 trailers placed around the service area to provide customers with ready access to purchased pallets while giving customers an easy method of disposal of un-needed pallets. Many customers enjoy a “drop and hook” delivery and pickup relationship with Industrial Pallet. 

Sourcing of pallets to recycle is one of the highest priorities of Industrial Pallet. A diverse mix of sources has been Industrial Pallet’s success. Sources including high volume food distributors, homeowner supply stores, office supply depots, and pharmaceutical distributors and others which account for an average thirty to forty incoming trailer loads daily to Industrial Pallet’s Eastford, Connecticut facility.

Environmental sensitivity is important at Industrial Pallet. Two and half million pallets processed through Industrial Pallet's Eastford plant result in the 2 plus million good quality pallets sold annually. Though much of the material generated by disassembling pallets that are beyond repair is used in the repair of other pallets, a significant amount of “junk” wood is generated. Industrial Pallet generates approximately 400 cubic yards of chips daily, which are shipped to users of alternative fuels for steam, wood pellets and electric power production. All nails, plastic, and corrogated is recycled. Industrial Pallet as part of its mission has been able to take a waste product, create value, and remove virtually all of the byproduct from the waste stream. 

Though cost to the customer is always one of the highest priorities, service must be an important consideration. Industrial Pallet strives to have the best service in our service area. Delivery or pickup within 24 hours is a promise. Same day delivery is probable.

Industrial Pallet stands ready to meet your recycled pallet needs.